Youth Leadership Council


The Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is a high school volunteer group who meet every other week to plan service projects. YLC is led by an elected executive committee and also has other leadership roles for council members. Currently, the Youth Leadership Council is led by President Tammy Doan (Wenatchee High School), Vice President Danielle Meadows (Eastmont High School), Secretary Cameron Wood (Wenatchee High School) and Treasurer Sophia Dillon (Wenatchee High School). YLC participates in many community service projects throughout the year including Lighthouse Meals, Lighthouse Gardens, and Financial Simulations. YLC was also involved in events for Our Valley, What’s Next!


Tammy Doan



Danielle Meadows




Cameron Wood


Sophia Dillon

The Youth Leadership Council is incredibly proud of their flagship program, Student Opportunities Fund (SOF). The fund is set up for students in Wenatchee and Eastmont High Schools to receive mini-grants for items or costly expenses that will enhance their high school experience, even if they may not be able to afford the cost themselves. YLC raised $4,896.70 for the 2015-2016 school year Student Opportunities Fund and gave back to Wenatchee, Eastmont and Cashmere High Schools through SOF applications and InvestED matching funds. The Youth Leadership Council designates 30% of their total amount raised for the upcoming year to a reserve fund to help grow SOF more each year. YLC also voted to designate $500 each for Wenatchee, and Eastmont High schools as an InvestED contribution. This designation will double in size at each school through the InvestED Match Fund. InvestED provides funding that supports the efforts of secondary schools throughout Washington state. YLC has an application process for the Student Opportunities Fund where students fill out the applications with their counselor, then the application is sent to our office and the council reviews them. The schools are then notified about the approval or decline of the application. Most applications are approved with either full or partial funding.

The Council fundraises for the Student Opportunities Fund through Car Washes, Applebees Pancake Breakfast Fundraisers, Gift Wrapping at the Wenatchee Valley Mall, assembling the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce mailer each month, and selling their signature Opportunity Apples.