A Word from Our Co-Chairs

If you have, You Share


At the end of June 2016, Wenatchee Police Chief Tom Robbins retired after a long law enforcement career, and Chief Steve Crown, was appointed as the new Chief of Police for the City. Chief Crown is a veteran of the Wenatchee Police department having proudly served here as an officer from 1991 to 2002.  Both the former and current Chiefs' possess a wide range of knowledge about the Chelan/Douglas county area.

As past and present law enforcement administrators we are highly aware of how poverty effects segments of the population.  We place a high priority on working closely with our community to stop crime before it occurs.  a pro-active approach to stop crime is more effective than a re-active response to criminal activities.  We believe this kind of philosophy, put into action BY THE COMMUNITY will serve our community in a very positive way.

United Way has been a key partner in this region for almost 80 years.  We recognize the United Way is highly effective throughout the United States and the World.  We are pleased to know that FUNDS DONATED HERE, STAY HERE.  Our own community volunteers determine how funds will be invested to support work associated with critical local issues.

A Unified, Collaborative approach will lay the groundwork for a connected community as a way to proceed.  This community impact approach is designed to place high priorities on two primary FOCUS AREAS of early childhood learning and alleviating poverty.

Statistics show that building a community EARLY LEARNING system that supports parents, families, children, child care providers, home visitors, teachers, and others, will result in more children being life-long learners and much more successful as they grow into adults.

In the fall of 2015, the United Way began a movement to empower our citizens and strengthen our communities.  United Way adopted a proven model to ALLEVIATE POVERTY; a model based on community-wide support mechanisms and understanding the challenges people living in poverty face.

In Support of our youth we see great value in United Way's, YOUTH UNITED.  This is a youth engagement program that connects hundreds of teens in our area to participate in meaningful volunteer opportunities.  Experience from these opportunities will support them in developing leadership skills and receive recognition for their service.

We are very proud to have the opportunity to lead the 2016-2017 United Way Campaign and look forward to visiting with members of our community about the positive effects these resources will have on our community.


Steve Crown        Tom Robbins

Chief of Police     (Retired) Chief of Police